Imagine a Perfect Email from Your Student Every Time

Are you worn out by student emails that look like sloppy text messages full of lowercase letters and abbreviations?

we get it fr fr

Register for the free Propel Early Access program. You will trial our Propel tool in Gmail or Outlook to provide the Rubin team with critical feedback.

Watch the short demonstration video and see Propel in action!

Rubin is a Proud Partner of the Association for Career and Technical Education

Only 25 spots for Propel Early Access (it’s free!)

Deadline to register is Friday, October 20

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Can’t access the registration form? Email support@rubineducation.com with the subject line “Propel Early Access,” and we will make sure you are set up.

Quick Facts about Rubin Propel

  • Real-time etiquette checker for Gmail and Outlook
  • Propel teaches students how to communicate professionally; Propel does not use AI or ChatGPT to write for your students
  • Propel is a simple productivity tool; it does not require hefty curriculum implementation
  • Everyone who participates will receive a certificate of appreciation. Be part of the next generation of educational technology!

Follow us for Early Access updates and announcements!

See Propel featured on ABC-TV!

Can’t access the registration form? Email support@rubineducation.com with the subject line “Propel Early Access,” and we will make sure you are set up.

Propel Early Access is open to middle school, high school and post-secondary educators or administrators.

There is no cost or long-term commitment. We want educators to trial Propel and provide valuable feedback about how the tool can help students as they draft emails.

All we ask is that you use Propel as you draft a handful of emails and evaluate the advice the tool provides.

When does Propel Early Access start?

The Rubin team will give out access to Propel the week of October 23-27, 2023.

Does it cost money to participate?

NO! It’s 100% free to participate in Propel Early Access.

How do I register?

Teachers or administrators need to register here. Upon completion, you will receive an email with next steps and a calendar invite for the week of October 23 so the Rubin team can provide access to Propel.

Can my students participate in Propel Early Access?

When we meet the week of October 23, we can discuss giving Propel to a handful of students so they can experience the tool as well.

Do my students need to register?

No, students do not register. Only teachers and administrators need to register.

What data does Propel collect?

Propel evaluates the writing inside of a Gmail or Outlook message but does not save sensitive information like names, addresses and phone numbers. In that way, Propel does not collect personally identifiable information.

If your school needs Rubin to agree to additional data-sharing terms, please contact us at support@rubineducation.com.

Does our school or CTE program have to be a Rubin customer to participate?

No, any school or CTE program can participate Propel Early Access.

What grade levels can participate Propel Early Access?

Students in grades 6th-12th are eligible as well as students in a post-secondary program, community college or four-year college.

Rubin is the leader in online training for employability and work readiness skills. The company provides Emerge, a digital curriculum that teaches effective writing and speaking skills, to thousands of students in middle school, high school and higher education. Rubin also has a real-time notification tool for soft skills called Propel.

Founded in 2017 by Danny Rubin, a former television news reporter and consultant to NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rubin teaches students nationwide critical lessons for email/phone etiquette, networking, team communication, leadership communication and more. Our motto: “Write well, open doors!”

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