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Do your students write emails that look like text messages?

We’re here to help.


Take a test drive of Rubin’s popular tools for employability skills:

  • Aspire, a robust library of career exploration videos with professionals in fields like law, medicine, sports, marketing, manufacturing, STEM and more. Join Rubin founder Danny Rubin as he speaks with experts in their fields in a series of short clips (average: 2 minutes in length). Sign language, closed captions and certificates of completion available.


  • Emerge, the #1 online curriculum for work readiness skills like email/phone etiquette and team communication. We integrate with all popular LMS including Canvas, Schoology, D2L/Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Inifinite Campus, Google Classroom and MS Teams.


  • Propel, a real-time email tool that offers “soft skill” advice like how to start an email with a proper greeting, use line spacing rather than one big paragraph and much more. Propel integrates with Gmail/Outlook and serves as a classroom resource within Emerge.


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