Corporate Training

Make every employee an expert communicator.

Smart, simple online lessons are now at their fingertips.

One sloppy email and poof – the client loses confidence. One lackluster sales presentation and snap – the decision maker chooses a different firm.

That’s why your employees need strong communication skills like:
  • Email etiquette
  • Phone etiquette
  • Face-to-face conversation
  • Social media outreach (ex: Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Public speaking

With an online database of 100+ self-paced activities and dynamic team-building exercises, Rubin gives your corporate training a brand-new dimension.

Danny Rubin training members of the Southwest Airlines Communications

Two members of the Southwest Airlines communications team complete a Rubin writing activity during a team workshop at the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Rubin Online Learning Platform In PC

All-in-One Communications Tool

Say hello to Rubin Emerge, a 100% online program viewable on any size device. The lessons draws upon all available Rubin material to provide writing and speaking lessons for interoffice communication, project management, client relations, LinkedIn outreach, leadership training and more.

  • 300+ writing templates for reference
  • 100+ video and audio lessons
  • 100+ self-paced assignments
  • 150+ pre-loaded quiz questions
  • Easy-to-grade rubrics for every assignment
  • Opportunity to earn valuable digital badges

Rubin techniques used by:

The program is ideal for a number of roles.

  • Business owner or leader of a membership group
  • Human resource manager
  • Leadership development coordinator
  • Manager who oversees team-building exercises
  • Professional development coordinator
  • Anyone who believes employees need to write and speak well to help the company/organization grow

"Rubin provides practical techniques for our client-facing team members who use email as an effective selling tool. These are powerful tools we use day-in and day-out!"

Monica Famularo

Chief People Officer at DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Monica Famulora CPO DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Employees At ADP Learning Through Rubin Emerge Curriculum


Employees at ADP, the global payroll and human resources company, learn writing and networking skills for sales through the Rubin Emerge curriculum.

Learn how teams use Rubin to improve their business communication — both internally and externally.

Give your team the Rubin advantage.

Start your 30-day free trial today to find out how the online platform can work for your business.


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