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Watch the video to see how Propel works — and what all those orange lightbulbs can mean for your students!

Real-Time Feedback for Soft Skills in Emails


“Game changer.”


Those are words from educators who served as beta testers and allowed their students to use our newest curriculum tool, Propel.

Propel is a complement to our robust Emerge online platform. The tool is also an extension in Gmail — check out the Gmail demonstration here!

Propel analyzes a student’s practice emails for college and career opportunities and provides instant feedback designed to improve soft skill communication.

Feedback includes:

  • How to address people formally
  • How to show you respect the accomplishments of the email recipient
  • How to politely thank the person
  • How to provide an email signature


Watch the video demonstration to see Propel in action!

Trusted by educators across America

“Rubin has created something not only easy to use but full of absolutely tremendous content that is much needed now more than ever.”

Michelle Rauch

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