The perfect message every time.

Check out the fastest explainer video ever — led by Rubin founder Danny Rubin.

Revolutionary Email Tool for Gmail & Outlook

Are you tired of student emails that look like casual text messages?

Propel is here to solve the problem.

Watch the video to see how Propel teaches students the essentials of a professional-grade message.

An email where everything is written in the subject line? A thing of the past.

Propel advice includes:

  • How to address people formally
  • Reminder to capitalize the first word of a sentence
  • Slang checker (no more “bruh” and “thx”)
  • And much, much more!

Rubin trusted by educators across America

“Rubin has created something not only easy to use but full of absolutely tremendous content that is much needed now more than ever.”

Michelle Rauch

Empower your students.

Discover how our employability skills online platform teaches college and career readiness skills.

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