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Emerge with Rubin, our online learning platform for learners of different ages, provides unlimited use of our content for one price.

That means students receive all digital books, assignments, videos and quizzes through a single platform.

We offer versions appropriate for middle/high school, college, workforce development and corporate training*.

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Pricing Options for Educators

Price for high school and workforce development

Annual student subscription
(July 1 to June 30)

Every student receives a log-in to access all material



Annual teacher subscription
(July 1 to June 30)

Includes robust teacher guides, quizzes, rubrics and assessment tools

$325/teacher 1-3 teachers

$275/teacher 4-6 teachers

$225/teacher 7-9 teachers

$175/teacher 10-12 teachers

Price for college version

Four-month access to all material


One-year access to all material


Two-year access to all material


College faculty receive complementary access while they teach from the online curriculum. Bulk discounts available at the secondary level (for site-wide and district-wide pricing) and at the post-secondary level (for large classes or department-wide use).

Need to use grant funding? Visit RubinEducation.com/Grants to find verbiage for a grant application.

*Cost for corporate training depends on number of employees, length of time and specific skill areas of need.

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