Middle School

It’s never too early to learn workplace skills.

Before students reach high school, they need a strong background in basic employability lessons like how to use email, apply for jobs and interact with employers.

The Rubin “Emerge” online curriculum is the perfect way to provide students with the beginning of a work-based learning education

Carly Owens used Rubin lessons to land a job as a public relations (PR) specialist at Experian, the consumer credit reporting company. Today, Carly oversees the effectiveness of the company’s PR across all of North America. How can Rubin help you level up in your career?

All-in-One Learning Platform

Say hello to Rubin Emerge, a 100% online program viewable on any size device. The lessons draw upon all available Rubin material to provide writing and speaking lessons for the job search, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Students will develop the foundations of a work-based learning education and move on to high school with a level of maturity that teachers (and employers) will appreciate.

  • 300+ writing templates for reference
  • 100+ video and audio lessons
  • 100+ self-paced assignments
  • 150+ pre-loaded quiz questions
  • Easy-to-grade rubrics for every assignment
  • Opportunity to earn valuable digital badges

Trusted By

Rubin material supported by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).

The program is ideal for a number of educators.

  • Business or marketing teacher
  • English teacher
  • Health science teacher
  • CTE director
  • Curriculum coordinator
  • CSTO advisor
  • Computer or IT teacher
  • Agriculture teacher
  • Family and consumer science (FACS) teacher
  • And anyone else who believes employability skil are vital for their students

“Phenomenal program! The activities challenge my students and help them tell their own story. I recommend Rubin to all of my colleagues.”

Janet Brophy

Teacher, Haxtun School District (Haxtun, CO)


Students within Norwalk Community Schools (Norwalk, Iowa) used the Rubin Emerge activity called "How to Take a Proper Headshot" to create their own professional photos.

Teacher Ashley Prieksat had students partner with the school's photography club on the activity.

Give your students the Rubin advantage.

Start your 30-day free trial today to find out how the online platform can work for your business.