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Rubin learning materials and student activities are driven by four books written by Danny Rubin, the company’s president and founder. These “textbooks for the real world” are collections of writing and speaking templates designed for hundreds of college and career situations.

The books are available in paperback, ebook and as a digital resource within our “Emerge” online learning platform.

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Email Writing Guide Book For Students
Email Writing Guide Book For Students For Tablet

Wait, How Do I Write This Email?

Rubin’s first book, a perennial best-seller on Amazon (top 10 in the “Job Markets and Advice” category), is a manual of 100+ essential templates for networking and the job search. With each template, the book saves you time and takes the stress out of writing emails, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, thank-you notes and more.

The book is a must-have resource for students, recent grads, job switchers, transitioning military, people who make a late-stage career change and anyone else who needs to get out there and form new business relationships.

“What Danny Rubin has created should be THE required career manual for every college graduate, young professional, savvy professional and basically anyone who communicates.”

Paul Angone

author of 101 Secrets For Your Twenties

Promote Your Business With Rubin's EBook
Promote Your Business With Rubin's EBook For Tablet

Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?

You’re passionate about your business and want the world to know what you offer. But there’s a challenge: How do you write in a way that inspires people to reach out and work with you?

In Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?, Rubin, a ghost writer for companies and executives, teaches the fundamentals of stellar business writing and then applies the lessons to topics like website pages, sales emails, fundraising, how to do your own public relations and more.

“It’s everything they don’t teach you in business school but should. You need this on your bookshelf.”

Matt Hayes

former head of marketing for Leesa Sleep

How Do I Lead My Team Book By Rubin
How Do I Lead My Team Book By Rubin For Tablet

Wait, How Do I Lead My Team?

Employees, clients and other stakeholders scrutinize every word a leader writes or says. With his third book in the Wait How Do I…? series, Rubin tackles the many challenges leaders face as they compose an email, write a report or stand before a crowd. Topics include:

  • What are simple ways to strengthen any leaders writing skills (ex: know when to use “then” or “than”)?
  • How should leaders draft emails that leave a lasting impact?
  • How can leaders create winning sales decks and give presentations that capture the attention of the room?

Its all about communication skills.

“Danny Rubin tackles seemingly ordinary emails and routine conversations leaders face every day. He then provides simple strategies to leave a lasting impression.”

Jay Reid, Sr.

director, football operations technology strategy, National Football League

Employability Skills EBook By Rubin

25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25

A few years removed from college, what should every young person know about the work world? In a fast-read ebook, Rubin shows 20-somethings (and people of any age) how to be more effective communicators and impress our bosses at every turn.

25 Things is perfect for recent grads and anyone new to a job or the workforce. Among the chapters: Five words you should remove from your writing, What to say when someone asks What are you going to do with your life?, The perfect line to start a cover letter, and much more!

“I send this book to young professionals all the time. I think it’s such a great jumping off point for anyone beginning their career and a great space to reevaluate current careers. Danny Rubin gets it.”

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