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Take your college courses to a higher degree.

Curriculum designed for freshman seminars, senior capstones and everything in between.

Business owners the world over share a common concern: Can I trust recent graduates to write and speak with professionalism and reflect well on my company?

The in-demand skills for every career path:
  • Email etiquette
  • Phone etiquette
  • Face-to-face conversation
  • Social media outreach (ex: Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Public speaking

Trust Rubin to give your students a competitive edge in a crowded field.

Sehrish Zafar Graduated Using Rubin Emerge Online Curriculum

Sehrish Zafar stands proudly in cap and gown at graduation from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA (outside of Washington, DC). A native of Pakistan, Zafar used the Rubin Emerge online curriculum to strengthen her writing/speaking skills and secure internships and jobs in medical data management.

Communication Skill Training Material In MacBook Pro

All-in-One Communications Training

Say hello to Rubin Emerge, a 100% online program viewable on any size device. Students can purchase through the Rubin website or your on-campus bookstore. The lessons draw upon all available Rubin material to provide writing and speaking lessons for the job search, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Students will gain a clear edge as they look for employment, seek scholarships and seek advanced degrees. Why? Because in here, students learn by doing.

  • 300+ writing templates for reference
  • 100+ video and audio lessons
  • 100+ self-paced assignments
  • 150+ pre-loaded quiz questions
  • Easy-to-grade rubrics for every assignment
  • Opportunity to earn valuable digital badges

Special note: Once program usage ends, college students can access the 300+ templates, video and audio at no cost for an additional year. Learning should never stop!

Rubin Trusted By

The program is ideal for a number of disciplines and focus areas.

  • Business and marketing
  • Engineering and IT
  • Nursing
  • Political science
  • International programs
  • First-year-experience (FYE) and freshman seminars
  • Leadership programs and senior capstones
  • Career service centers
  • Graduate programs (to include MBA, medical schools and law schools)
  • Any other program led by faculty who believe students must write and speak properly before graduation

"I treasure Rubin resources because they help students tackle many, many situations that require excellent communication skills."

Jill Stewart

Instructor at DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

Michigan Stat Has Collaborated With Rubin Emerge


Michigan State has integrated Rubin Emerge into several courses within the school's department of mechanical engineering. Emerge topics include email etiquette, report writing and networking skills and the material reaches 800+ students every year.

Give your students the Rubin advantage.

Start your 30-day free trial today to find out how the online platform can work for your business.


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