Meet Danny Rubin

Danny Rubin is the founder and president of Rubin. He guides the team to create innovative college and career readiness materials that help students write, speak and lead with confidence.


For more than 15 years, Danny has worked in the communications field and gained important techniques along the way he now shares with students.

Danny began as a TV news reporter for WTKR, the CBS affiliate in Norfolk/Va Beach, and then served as a national news consultant for USA TODAY and NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Later, he worked as vice president of Rubin Communications Group, a veteran public relations agency Norfolk/Va Beach.

Danny Rubin Founder Of Rubin Education

Danny Rubin is the author of three books on business communication skills

Email Writing Guide Book For Students

Wait, How Do I Write This Email?

100+ writing templates for the job search

Promote Your Business With Rubin's EBook

Wait, How Do I Promote My Business?

100+ writing templates for entrepreneurship

How Do I Lead My Team Book By Rubin For Tablet

Wait, How Do I Lead My Team?

100+ writing templates for leadership

Danny’s National Public Radio (NPR) Podcast

In 2019, Danny featured on a National Public Radio (NPR) podcast called “Take My Word for It”! Each one-minute segment is quick, actionable career advice.

The Rubin team provides the segments inside of our Emerge curriculum for teachers to use at the start of a class.

Listen to Danny Rubin discuss the power of storytelling to advance our careers.

Listen to Danny Rubin discuss the power of storytelling for students and young professionals.

Past Appearances Include:

Empower your students.

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