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Propel is a revolutionary teaching tool that guides students to write professional emails.

You will be amazed at how easy it is for students use Propel and produce high-quality messages every time!


Step 1: Watch this fast, one-minute demonstration of Rubin Propel.

Example: Question about Geometry assignment
Example: Ms. Williams,
Example: Good morning. I'm Sally Johnson from Geometry.
Example: I have a question about the Geometry assignment due on Tuesday, March 5.
Example: I'm stuck on problem #3 and can't find the answer.
Example: Please let me know if you are free to help. Thanks,
Example: - Sally Johnson


Emerge is a digital library of 300+ instructional items for business communication skills (ex: email etiquette, networking, phone skills, resumes and much more).

The platform integrates to your LMS for single sign-on (ex: Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology).

Click here to see all 300+ instructional items.

Sample activity: How to Shake Hands in the Business World


You and your classmates will stand up and greet each other with proper handshakes and steady eye contact.
Then, hold a brief conversation with a classmate after you shake hands. Ask the person about their weekend and what the person did for fun.
Be prepared to share your experience with the handshake activity. You may also want to talk about how people in various cultures may greet each other differently (ex: not shake hands or make eye contact).


Aspire, career exploration platform from Rubin

Aspire is a library of 250+ short, impactful videos that feature professionals from in-demand career pathways.

Join Danny Rubin, the founder of Rubin, as he interviews experts in fields like marketing, health care, hospitality and more.

Ideal for K-12 audiences, Aspire features easy-to-use worksheets and on-screen sign language. The platform also integrates to your LMS for single sign-on (ex: Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology).


Sample Aspire videos

Video Game Developer

Discussion questions after the video: 

– How are focus groups used to develop ideas for video games?

– What is the role of the creative team during the process of creating new video games?


Occupational Therapist

Discussion questions after the video:

– According to Stephanie, what exercises or activities might an occupational therapist do with a patient?

– What are a hospital’s different floors/departments where an occupational therapist will work with patients?


Auto Mechanic

Discussion questions after the video:

– Why are test drives important after working on a vehicle issue?

– How can live data monitoring help an auto mechanic?

See all 70+ Aspire careers!

Health ScienceSTEM and EducationHospitality and Entertainment
Athletic TrainerA.I Software DeveloperAthletic Director
DentistAstronautical EngineerExecutive Chef
EducatorCivil EngineerFashion Designer
ER NurseCybersecurity ExpertFlight Attendant
​Lab Technician​Data AnalystHollywood Film Producer
ER NurseDigital Trading Cards ExpertHotel Food and Beverage -- Banquets
Lab Technician
Early Childhood ProfessionalHotel Food and Beverage -- Front of House
Medical AssistantK-12 PrincipalHotel General Manager
Occupational TherapistData AnalystHotel HR Manager
Medical AssistantManufacturing EngineerHotel Housekeeping Assistant Manager
Pediatric NeurologistVideo Game DeveloperMajor League Sports Executive
Pharmacy TechnicianWebsite DeveloperMarriott Hotel Executive
PsychologistRestaurant Manager
Surgical AssistantSports Agent
Ultrasound Tech
Esthetician (coming soon)
Business ManagementPublic Safety and TradesMarketing
Eco-Conscious EntrepreneurChief of Police
Amazon Account Executive
Fitness Tech EntrepreneurLawyerContent Marketer
Non-Profit CEOMilitary Operations SpecialistDallas Cowboys Marketing Specialist
Real Estate Agent
Apprentice Program ManagerDigital Marketer
Commercial PainterInfluencer Marketer
Public Relations Professional
Flower FarmerSocial Media Marketer
Hair Salon OwnerVideo Producer
Livestock Farmer
Auto Mechanic (coming soon)
Firefighter (coming soon)
Forensic specialist (coming soon)
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