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College and career readiness for all

As a workforce development professional, you know your students (or clients) are capable of greatness – as long as they have the right tools and guidance.

Rubin makes it happen through an innovative mix of activities based on real-life scenarios. Participants love the material because it’s tangible and relevant to their lives.

Workforce Development Professional Participates in a Workshop

A workforce development professional participates in a Devember 2018 workshop on youth entrepreneurship led by Rubin Education founder Danny Rubin. The workshop took place at the NAWDP Youth Symposium in Chicago, Illinois.

Rubin Online Learning Platform In PC

Online Learning Platform

Say hello to Rubin Emerge, a 100% online program viewable on any size device. The lessons draw upon all available Rubin Education material to provide writing and speaking lessons for the job search, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Students will find confidence in the job market as they seek a first job, transition from the military, begin a second career or face down any other career challenge that lies ahead.

  • 300+ writing templates for reference
  • 100+ video and audio lessons
  • 100+ self-paced assignments
  • 150+ pre-loaded quiz questions
  • Easy-to-grade rubrics for every assignment
  • Opportunity to earn valuable digital badges

Rubin material supported by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).

The program is ideal for a number of roles.

  • Executive director
  • Program specialist
  • Youth services
  • Juvenile justice program coordinator
  • Military veteran outreach
  • Unemployment specialist
  • Career resources specialist
  • Any other workforce development professionals who believe students must write and speak properly to be competitive in the business world

"Rubin is a perfect resource for workforce development centers and youth service providers! There are so many people who need a guide that teaches effective writing for the job market.”

Lisa Wornom-Zahralddin, MS, CWDP

Formerly with the Peninsula (Virginia) Council on Workforce Development

Lisa Wornom-Zahralddin, MS, CWDP


In Maine, Noble Adult & Community Education used the Rubin Emerge online program to teach participants email etiquette, phone etiquette and other employability skills.

What can the program do for the populations you reach -- teens through adults?

College and career readiness for all.

Discover how our learning platform
can help strengthen professional skills.

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