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Emerge, the signature online curriculum from Rubin, offers students the chance to earn up to 23 digital badges that each align with in-demand workplace skills.

Every badge requires the student to complete a robust learning path with a pre/post-test, readings and assignments.

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) supports Emerge and the 23 available badges. And Rubin’s communication methods are supported by national employers including Uber, ADP, Southwest Airlines and USAA.

Click on the Rubin Emerge unit below to learn about the skills students gained to obtain the badge.

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Rubin Emerge Units


The Basics


Employability Skills


Entrepreneurship Skills


Leadership Skills



Students earn the Rubin Emerge overall digital certification when they complete the following units in full:

  • Email Etiquette — Beginner/Level I
  • Email Etiquette — Advanced/Level II
  • Phone Etiquette
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Networking Mastery
  • “Unforgettable” Resume
  • “Storytelling” Cover Letter




email writing skills


Email Etiquette — Beginner/Level I

What the students learn:

  • Create a professional email address
  • The difference between texting and emailing
  • How to compose a subject line
  • How to address people by name
  • How to write the email body
  • How to craft an email signature


Email Etiquette — Advanced/Level II

What the students learn:

  • How to improve your writing in 3 minutes
  • How to remove pronouns
  • How to add layers to your writing
  • How to be a name-dropper
  • How to use proper capitalization
  • Quick Quiz: Understand Your/You’re, Who’s/Whose and Have/Of
  • How to write with your “bottom line up front”
  • The power of a “wrinkle” in business
  • The best way to do a final edit


Phone and Video Etiquette

What the students learn:

  • How to set your own voicemail
  • How to leave a voicemail
  • How to talk on the phone with confidence
  • How to create a personalized virtual background
  • How to do a virtual/video interview
  • Wrong and right way to call an employer
  • Wrong and right way to troubleshoot problems
  • How to take down a customer message
  • Etiquette for giving a virtual presentation
  • Etiquette for being an audience member


Life Skills for Careers

What the students learn:

  • How to demonstrate etiquette at a business lunch or dinner
  • Where to place the dollar sign ($)
  • How to shake hands in the business world
  • How to address and mail an envelope
  • How to sign your name in cursive
  • How to learn from a mentor
  • How to take a quality headshot
  • How to create a #PersonalHashtag


Math for Careers

What the students learn:

  • How to read a paystub
  • How to understand sales commission
  • How to determine company payroll
  • How to calculate hourly wage
  • How to deduct from your paycheck
  • Learn the difference between W2, W4 and 1099




Networking Mastery

What the students learn:

  • Wrong and right ways to shake hands
  • Wrong and right ways to network
  • How to set up a networking meeting
  • How to send a thank-you note after networking
  • How to congratulate someone
  • How to ask someone to help as a mentor
  • How to ask for career advice
  • Video: Why you need to remember names
  • How to seek a job after networking event
  • How to follow up if person doesn’t answer
  • How to network with alumni from school


“Unforgettable” Resume

What the students learn:

  • Reading: Your physical address and file name
  • How to never, ever be vague
  • Resume objective statement assignment
  • Resume “skills” section assignment
  • Example of a resume “Skills Board”
  • Reading: What if you don’t have work experience?
  • Reading: Including athletic achievements and current classes
  • Work experience bullet points 1 & 2 assignment
  • Work experience bullet points 3 & 4 assignment
  • Resume “miscellaneous” section assignment
  • Resume “education” section assignment


“Storytelling” Cover Letter

What the students learn:

  • Group exercise: Q&A to find your best story
  • Reading: Examples of stories you can share
  • Map out your story
  • Additional concept: Tell your “COVID” story
  • Reading: Share your COVID-19 story of resilience
  • How to tell a story in a cover letter (Parts 1-3)
  • How to tell a story in a cover letter (Parts 4-6)


Internship & Job Outreach

What the students learn:

  • How to apply for a job via email
  • How to ensure company received job app
  • How to apply if company has no openings
  • How to ask for letter of recommendation
  • How to ask for informational interview
  • How to thank someone after job interview
  • Video: How to take initiative and advocate for yourself
  • Reading: How to email your supervisor to take initiative
  • Video: How to ask about what you don’t understand
  • How to ask about internships
  • How to write a follow-up email after internship
  • Reading: Dress code for in-person and virtual events
  • Career fair: The secret way to impress employers


LinkedIn 101

What the students learn:

  • Reading: What if you already have a headshot?
  • How to take a quality headshot
  • How to write a professional headline
  • How to write a profile summary
  • How to write your work experience
  • Reading: What if you don’t have work experience?
  • How to send LinkedIn invitations
  • How to network with someone who sent a message
  • How to network after person accepts connection
  • How to Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation
  • How to give a LinkedIn recommendation


Job Interview Prep

What the students learn:

  • Video: Wrong and right ways to answer interview questions
  • How to share your stories of success
  • Video: Wrong and right ways to ask your own interview questions
  • How to prepare smart interview questions
  • Video: Job Interview overview
  • Video: Wrong and right ways to shake hands


Entrepreneurship Skills


Find Your Big Idea

What the students learn:

  • Step 1 — Match passion with purpose
  • Step 2 — Understand income and expenses
  • Step 3 — Do a competitive analysis
  • Step 4 — Identify ideal customers
  • Step 5 — Decide on a marketing plan
  • Step 6 — Become a legal business
  • Video Reflection: Find your big idea


Sales Writing

What the students learn:

  • Video: Writing for Sales overview
  • Introduce Yourself to a Company (Part 1)
  • Invite Prospects to an Event (Part 2)
  • Thanks for Attending Event (Part 3)
  • Extra — Announce You Started a Business


Website Content

What the students learn:

  • E-portfolio part 1: “About Me” page for portfolios
  • E-portfolio part 2: Achievements page for portfolios
  • E-portfolio part 3: Project recap/reflection for portfolios
  • E-portfolio part 4: Senior memories for portfolios
  • Reading: Business website writing examples
  • Business website part 1 — Mission statement
  • Business website part 2 — About us
  • Business website part 3 — Services (or Products)
  • Business website part 4 — Staff bios
  • Business website part 5 — Photo captions
  • Business website blog post 1 — Profile on a team member
  • Business website blog post 2 — Post on a recent success


Public Relations 101

What the students learn:

  • Video: Public Relations 101 overview
  • Reading: Additional sample press releases
  • Press release part 1 — Header information
  • Press release part 2 — Headline and subheadline
  • Press release part 3 — Body of the press release
  • Press release part 4 — Send to the media
  • Press release part 5 — Follow up with the media
  • Press release part 6 — Send photos/videos to media


Writing for Fundraising

What the students learn:

  • Video: Grantwriting overview
  • Grantwriting part 1: Rely on strong detail
  • Grantwriting part 2: Tell a powerful story (parts 1-4)
  • Grantwriting part 3: Tell a powerful story (parts 5-8)
  • Video: Crowdfunding overview
  • Kickstarter part 1 — Write a “short blurb”
  • Kickstarter part 2 — Write “rewards”
  • Kickstarter part 3 — Write a “project description”
  • Kickstarter part 4 — Write “risks and challenges”
  • Kickstarter part 5 — How to write “about you”


Leadership Skills


Writing for Managers

What the students learn:

  • How to assign roles/responsibilities
  • How to ensure employees follow through
  • How to develop a partnership
  • How to provide constructive criticism
  • How to give an organizational update
  • Video Reflection: Writing for managers


Writing to Clients

What the students learn:

  • Client Communication overview video
  • Email challenge part 1 — Follow up after you sent a proposal
  • Email challenge part 2 — Relay you’re fixing the issue
  • Email challenge part 3 — Write “recap on a Friday” emails
  • Email challenge part 4– Congratulate a client on a big moment
  • Email challenge part 5 — How to request testimonials


Project Management

What the students learn:

  • Video: How to make sure all voices are heard on team projects
  • Video: How to take initiative on team projects
  • How to recap the team on a big project
  • How to recap a call or meeting
  • How to report back to senior executives
  • How to thank someone who helped you
  • How to participate in an online group chat


Public Speaking

What the students learn:

  • Video: Public Speaking overview
  • Reading: How to give presentations in groups
  • How to critique the sound of your voice
  • Competition — How to remove “uh” & “um”
  • How to tell a great story
  • Practice your elevator pitch
  • Final Activity: Public speaking reflection


Report Writing

What the students learn:

  • Reading: Examples of report writing
  • Reading: How to write a memo
  • How to write a progress/status report
  • How to write a strategic plan
  • How to write an executive summary
  • How to include a story into a report
  • Video reflection: Report writing


Communication for Student Leaders

What the students learn:

  • Readings: How to write as a student leader
  • Video: How to look for people “in the corner”
  • Leadership “speed dating” challenge
  • How to set an agenda for a meeting
  • How to request speakers or presenters
  • How to thank a judge, sponsor or speakers
  • Video Reflection: Student leaders
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