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Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.

Combined, the tools bring us closer and make communication faster.

But the digital age has also weakened our students’ ability to write and speak with professionalism. Simply put: we can’t send students out the door to apply for internships and jobs if their emails look like text messages.

That’s why [name of school] wants to incorporate the robust online curriculum from Rubin Education, a leader in communication skills training. The online curriculum provides 100+ hands-on activities that tackle important topics like email etiquette, networking, LinkedIn profiles, job applications and phone etiquette.

The curriculum then goes beyond employability to cover in-demand areas like business promotion and leadership — all with a focus on writing, speaking and learning how to treat people with respect.

The curriculum also includes three ebooks written by Rubin Education founder Danny Rubin. In total, the books offer 300+ writing templates which our students can access on any device. The books are Wait, How Do I Write This Email? (writing for employability), Wait, How Do I Promote My Business? (writing to market a business) and Wait, How Do I Lead My Team? (writing for leadership).

We feel Rubin Education online curriculum is a resource our entire staff can use. From cosmetology to culinary arts, marketing to robotics, every student needs hands-on communication training. That’s why we have requested a [pilot program or site/district license] for [cost] for the [particular school year; for instance, “2019-2020 school year]”.

We received sample copies of Rubin’s books, and in each one he signed his name and the phrase, “Write well, open doors!”

We agree. Texting and tweeting have their place in our society but so do a well-written email and courteous phone call.

Help us equip our students with the communication skills for the 21st century workplace.