How to Use Emerge with Rubin Throughout a Student’s Journey

Emerge with Rubin, our signature online platform for business communication skills, is ideal as a tool for students at various grade levels or stages of your academic program.

With 200+ instructional items (ex: assignments, videos, readings and quizzes) for writing and speaking skills, our educational partners often incorporate Emerge material throughout a student’s journey.

See all 200+ instructional items here.

Here’s an example of how to scaffold Emerge within a three-year academy or learning path:

Year 1


  • Write a basic email
  • Create an email signature
  • Hold networking conversations with friends and family
  • Mail and address an envelope
  • Make a resume and cover letter
  • Practice handshakes and eye contact
  • Basic public speaking
  • Leadership 101
  • Etiquette on Zoom


Year 2


  • Continue to work on email writing skills
  • Phone etiquette
  • Job interview preparation
  • Improve upon the resume and cover letter from year 1
  • Continue to work on networking skills
  • Continue to work on public speaking skills
  • Email outreach for internships and jobs
  • How to write a crowdfunding site (ex: Kickstarter)
  • Leadership 102


Year 3


  • Advanced email writing skills
  • Continue to work on phone etiquette skills
  • LinkedIn profile creation
  • Sales writing
  • Client writing
  • Final draft of resume and cover letter
  • Continue to work on job interviews and virtual interviews
  • Advanced networking skills
  • Writing website content for portfolios and student businesses
  • Leadership 103


Curriculum for student organizations


  • Project management communication skills
  • Public relations skills
  • Grant writing
  • Website content
  • Leadership and communication
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