Sample Curriculum Material for Professional Development

Below is an example of how to use Rubin Education All Access in a freshman or introductory college course to teach fundamental writing/speaking skills for career development. We show you a short set of assignments each week during a fall semester.

Rubin Education All Access is our comprehensive online platform that grants students the use of all Rubin Educations books, videos, assignments and quizzes. Faculty also receive lesson plans, discussion questions and rubrics for the 100+ available assignments.

Email Etiquette

Tuesday, August 20

  • Video – Email Etiquette overview
  • Discussion on appropriate vs inappropriate email addresses
  • Activity – How to Create a Professional Email Address
  • Activity – Understanding the Difference Between Texting and Email

Tuesday, August 27

  • Activity – Part 1: How to Compose a Subject Line
  • Activity – Part 2: How to Address People Appropriately
  • Discussion: How to address your teacher in emails

Tuesday, September 3

  • Activity – Part 3: How to Write the Email Body
  • Activity – Part 4: How to Craft an Effective Email Signature
  • Quiz: Identify the essential parts of an email

Life Skills 101

Tuesday, September 10

  • Activity – How to Shake Hands in the Business World
  • Activity – How to Hold a Face-to-Face Networking Conversation

Tuesday, September 17

  • Activity – Phone Etiquette
  • Activity – How to Do a Video Interview

Tuesday, September 24

  • Activity – How to Learn from a Mentor
  • Activity – How to Address and Mail an Envelope

Tuesday, October 1

  • Activity – How to Email Your Instructor About a Poor Grade
  • Activity – How to Email Your Instructor About Missed Class Time

Tuesday, October 8

  • Activity – How to Email Your Instructor to Ask for a Reference Letter

Unforgettable Resumes

Tuesday, October 15

  • Pre-test
  • Video – Unforgettable Resume Overview
  • Definition of resume
  • Discussion – What if you don’t have work experience yet?

Tuesday, October 22

  • Discussion of a sample resume
  • Discussion of a resume outline
  • Activity – Never, Ever be Vague

Tuesday, October 29

  • Activity – Resume Objective Statement
  • Activity – How to Write a Resume Skills Section

Tuesday, November 5

  • Activity – Work Experience Bullet Points 1 and 2
  • Activity – Work Experience Bullet Points 3 and 4

Tuesday, November 12

  • Activity – Resume Miscellaneous Section
  • Activity – Resume Education Section

Tuesday, November 19

  • Activity – How to Select and Create a Personal Hashtag
  • Start “Storytelling Cover Letter” and learn the power of a short story of success in a cover letter, personal statement or scholarship essay
  • Video about telling stories in cover letter
  • First Step: Map Out Your Story

Tuesday, November 26 (Thanksgiving week)

  • Activity – How to Tell a Story in a Cover Letter (parts 1-3)
  • Activity – Storytelling Cover Letter (parts 4-6)
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