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Every student deserves a great internship for college and career readiness.


At Rubin, we make it happen one e-lesson at a time.



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Emerge, our signature online platform for employability skills online training, is the premier resource for virtual internships.

Through online (or printable) curriculum modules, we provide a library of 100+ work-based learning exercises that simulate an internship and challenge students to improve their email etiquette, speaking and interpersonal skills.

Total available instructional time: 75+ hours (enough material to engage students for 16+ weeks).

Whether your students need to fulfill course credit, a certain number of hours or something in between, Emerge is ready to help. And students can do all the work safely from home.

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Michelle Rauch Virtual Internship CTE Coordinator

“Rubin has created something not only easy to use but full of absolutely tremendous content that is much needed now more than ever.”

Michelle Rauch, virtual internship CTE coordinator

Eastside Technical Center — Lexington, KY

Integrates Rubin Emerge with Canvas


The Skills Interns Need and Employers Expect

Email Etiquette Badge By Rubin

We provide self-directed readings, videos, assignments, quizzes and digital achievement badges (see the sample “Email Etiquette” badge above) across 22 core topics. Each topic gives interns hands-on practice for life in an office setting and beyond.

Click on a topic in blue to see sample curriculum material.

Request a 30-day free trial of Emerge today!

Rubin has created something not only easy to use but full of absolutely tremendous content that is much needed now more than ever.

Synchronous and Asynchronous


Through live, virtual instruction from an internship coordinator/educator (synchronous) or self-directed online assignments (asynchronous), Emerge is there with pinpoint guidance.

Watch the brief video to understand.


LMS Integrations


To make virtual internships even more seamless, Emerge integrates with the most popular learning management systems (LMS) available today.

Through an LMS integration, students do not need a separate username and password for Emerge. They can complete all Emerge assignment from their LMS course page.

Click on your preferred LMS to learn more:




Desire2Learn (D2L)


Non-LTI Options

Google Classroom

Create an Account through the Emerge Website Directly


Printable Worksheets


Interns should never fall behind because of a poor internet connection.

Emerge features 100+ printable assignments that mirror the online versions. No matter the circumstances at home, students are able to complete the work and submit as directed.

Learn more about our printable materials on our blog.

Below, hear from Tina Caras, a business and information technology teacher at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, on the value of Emerge printable worksheets.


Virtual Internship Pacing Guide

Click here to see a complete virtual internship syllabus using Emerge content. The syllabus is created by a college organization in NYC.

The instructions below will help you assign and evaluate any of the 100+ Emerge assignments.

  1. Post or deliver opening instructions for Emerge assignment by Monday morning (ex: How to email someone and ask for college or career advice)
  2. Host optional Zoom/Google Meet conversation for Q and A on Tuesday afternoon
  3. Check for understanding on Wednesday afternoon
  4. Host optional Zoom/Google Meet conversation to close on Friday morning
  5. Collect work on Friday afternoon

Request a 30-day free trial of Emerge today!

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