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December 9, 2014

7 Words You Need to Stop Capitalizing

No, it’s not your Birthday party.

May 9, 2013

Why You Should Respond to Every Work Email

The third installment in the ongoing NTLB series: ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Young People.’

April 23, 2013

Writing Tip: The Two Words We Always Use But Never Need

Once we do away with these two words, our work becomes stronger and clearer.

March 25, 2013

Get Rid of This One Word and Literally Improve Your Writing

There’s a word you literally use too much and, if you remove it, you will instantly improve your writing.

March 15, 2013

Want to be a Better Writer? Learn from the Greatest Obituary of All Time

If you want to be a better writer, read this incredible obituary about a man you’ve never met — until now.

March 1, 2013

How to Write Emails People Completely Understand

A battle between DC heavyweights begs the question: how can we make sure our emails are always understood?

February 22, 2013

Want to Improve Your Writing? Cut This Word from Your Vocabulary

Here’s an amazing tip that will make your work amazing.

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